If you’re looking for high quality entertainment for your Corporate Event, then you’ve come to the right place.

David Gamut is a Mentalist & Speaker based out of St Paul, Minnesota who’s Mind Reading acts and Keynote presentations are quickly making him a rising star in the industry.



David’s highly interactive and entertaining Mind Reading Show has left countless audiences in complete awe. You’ll see him play mental games with the audience, bend metal with his mind, reveal someone’s first kiss, draw an image that someone is merely visualizing in their mind, and more, including a finale that will leave everyone’s jaw on the floor. Everyone always goes on to talk about this event for years to come.

Types of Mind Reading Shows


This is good for mixers. David will mingle with everyone and ensure everyone who wants to see David, will. From bending silverware with his mind, revealing the name of your first kiss, to even telling people a little bit about themselves through a drawing. This will get people talking, they will even show you the bent spoons!


This is good for when audiences are all seated. This highly interactive show will make sure the entire audience gets involved and drawn in right off the bat! From drawing out a picture that someone is simply imagining, revealing who their best friends from school were, to playing a psychological game with the entire audience. This is a show that everyone LOVES because it’s all about them. Plus a mind blowing finale that no one will ever forget.

Complete Conference Experience

This complete experience combines the Strolling and the Stage show together, where the Strolling becomes a warm up for the show, and a chance for the audience to get to know him better prior to the full Stage performance. This really gets the audiences revved up and ready to see the show! Everyone is already on the edge of their seat before the show even begins.


David’s highly interactive, informational, and entertaining Keynotes have gotten him tons of recognition. From comments of “you’re the best speaker I’ve ever seen”, to “I’ve already recommended him to another committee I’m on”, you’ll get the information to grow as a person and a business from every single one of theses.



David’s Motivational Keynote is not your typical Motivational Speech. David combines his skills and knowledge of the mind, to create an engaging and highly interactive presentation that creates a paradigm shift in mentality with the audience that leaves a lasting impression on them. Your audience will leave and take the effects of this presentation with them long after the event is over, and the finale is going to leave everyone speechless.


David’s Keynote and Workshops on Memory for Universities and Businesses alike are highly informative, engaging, and entertaining. He will train the memory’s of everyone attending and will help you remember names, tasks, lists, and phone numbers. Which will not only help you in your daily life, but also in studying, and business.


David Gamut’s Keynote on Communication, shows the importance of clarity in language and body language. It shows why people are often misunderstood, why people have a hard time connecting with other people, and why businesses have a hard time connecting with their customers! This alone will give your business the secret sauce to hurdle past your competitors before it becomes commonplace. The ones who get there first, will resonate with customers and secure their brand’s loyalty and retention. It teaches one of the most important, misunderstood, and misused skills. Influence. This interactive Keynote is also filled with entertainment demonstrating these principles.


Do you know the difference between a Leader and a Manager? Businesses require both, but Leaders are much more rare. David’s Keynote for Leadership, shows how to find Leaders, how to make them, and the differences between Leaders and Managers.

David Gamut Reviews

David has performed for companies from Sea Life, to Ansari’s, Snells MotorsMinnesota Telecom Alliance and colleges from the University of Minnesota, to the University of Michigan and celebrities like Davis Cleveland, the Steele Brothers, Superstar Maui, and more!

Whether its a Corporate Show, Conference, Cocktail Party, or College Event, David’s performances are the perfect way to guarantee a successful event.

Once David is done with his performance people will congratulate you on a great event EVEN IF YOU DON’T WANT THEM TOO.

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